We have plenty of KN95 Masks available and our manufacturer has capacity to produce 2M per day.
We have been working with this company for 12 years and have distributed $100’s of millions of their goods.
Specs are attached.
NIOSH approval is pending. Our masks carry FDA Registration #10065655, and our masks already carry EU certification through CE.
Our parent company is Ecologix, an energy efficiency firm. Normally, we are focused on LED Lighting and Solar Powered Building technology. The opportunity to provide urgently needed masks was dropped into our laps.
Orders are received and product is shipped from our warehouses in the heartland of Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri
Price list is attached. Please confirm pricing before placing order.
These prices include all shipping & handling within the United States.
Minimum order is 5 units. Masks can be ordered in any multiple of 5.
No maximum. Our manufacturer can produce 2M units per day.
Orders will be received in 5-15 business days.
This versatile product that can be used by: Health Care Professionals Childcare Staff Food Processing & Preparation Construction, Assembly & Manufacturing Public Safety Personnel Retail, including Grocery and Hardware Essential Office Anyone Away from Home
The N95 Mask has met FDA standards both in production and in sample testing. Due to the critical need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during this time, the FDA and the CDC have approved KN95 masks to meet the overwhelming demand. These masks are subject to sample testing, and the factories are certified for compliance by the governing agency where the masks are produced.
We have a 12-year business relationship with this manufacturer, and we have built confidence to distribute 100s of millions of dollars of their goods. This product already carries FDA Registration and complete compliance with ECM standards.
This product may be better than other available alternatives, such as using homemade masks, using protective gear longer than recommended, using shields with limited filter effect, or using a non-recommended cleaning process. It might be the best available option for your needs.