Why It IS Your Circus

“Not my circus, not my monkeys” is a quirky Polish saying that means, “It’s not my problem, so I won’t interfere.” We often assume this attitude when observing other people’s misbehaved children or when a coworker is fired. Sadly, many people seem to be saying “Not my circus, not my monkeys” in regards to COVID-19. “It doesn’t affect me”, they say. In turn, these are the people who don’t follow quarantine guidelines, and they get sick. It sure sounds like it has become their circus- er, problem- now, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at why everyone is needed to end COVID-19.

On March 10, it was business as usual for a community choir in Skagit County, Washington. Out of the total 122 members, 61 were present; and one of them was feeling a little “under the weather”. They thought they had a mild cold. In reality, they had contracted COVID-19. After a two and a half hour choir practice (which may or may not have been socially-distant), the 61 members returned home. Within the next week, 53 of them became ill with coronavirus. Out of those infected, 3 went to the hospital, and 2 of them died. All this, because one sick member didn’t stay home. But is that the real reason? 60 healthy members also attended that choir practice. Apart from the 53 people who became symptomatic, it’s possible that the other 7 may have become asymptomatic carriers, too. Check out this CDC article for the full report, and keep reading to understand the dangers of being an asymptomatic carrier.

On May 10, a California resident attended a crowded Mother’s Day service. The very next day, they tested positive for the coronavirus. Over 180 people were exposed in that single event. It has not been released whether or not any of them contracted the disease and/or died. Even so, they were put at a great risk. Besides, there was a Nature Medicine study performed on 94 people who had confirmed COVID-19, who had infected others. Of those infected by the initial 94 coronavirus patients, 44% were infected while the 94 were presymptomatic.

So you see, there is no escaping the effects of COVID-19. However, we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe by properly social distancing. At EcoHealth KC, we are helping our community by limiting our exposure to others and by providing KN95 masks, among other health products. The “circus” and the “monkeys”, they belong to all of us. We all have a responsibility to help stop the spread. When it comes to staying safe, we don’t clown around!