Want a Free Mask? EcoHealth KC Emerges As a Local PPE Provider

As we zoom into this new landscape of how to reopen the economy and what safe practices need implementation, let’s begin with the same basic premises:

  • COVID-19 is a real disease and sly killer of the robust as well as the immune-compromised. Its severity within a person’s body is affected by the person’s level of immunity, the virulence of the strain, the source of exposure, and the quirkiness of how the virus attacks the organs with the given individual’s body. Because of all these variables, everyone’s story is personal and often unique. Do you ever wonder why there is so much conflicting information? We are plagued with a hundred thousand armchair quarterbacks and each has had a personal encounter with the virus. Let’s begin with what we do know: it is real and it is deadly.
  • The mortality rate and co-morbidity of COVID-19 remains a source of debate. We honestly don’t have good numbers for how many healthy people became infected and died or how many people with contributing factors contracted the disease and died because of their underlying conditions. What we do know is that it kills.
  • As we reopen the state, what precautions need we take? The water gets even murkier here. Between protestors of Reopen Now and frontline doctors who recommend universal mask usage lies a gulf of discord.

What we do know is this: Some need to wear masks, particularly the elderly, the immune-compromised and those who are sick with a cold, for example. Nebraska Med advises universal usage within medical settings, suggesting visitors and care providers alike wear masks. Kevin MD acknowledges a shift in policy, from when masks were in short supply, to now, as new research becomes available and masks are not such a rare commodity:

On April 3, however, the CDC rolled out new recommendations urging the exact opposite: Americans now should “wear cloth face coverings in public settings,” especially in areas with increased community transmission. This came on the heels of new studies showing the critical role of asymptomatic carriers in fueling global outbreaks. One study estimated that up to 30 percent of COVID-19 positive individuals show no symptoms, while other studies documented asymptomatic transmission, creating numerous hotspots worldwide.

Caution dictates more mask usage than we’ve been seeing!

Some should wear masks, particularly those exposed to the virus who choose not to self-isolate. Whether compelled or not, responsible individuals will sometimes choose to wear a mask, and their willing discretion is applauded. The most recent OSHA regulations suggest that employees need to be protected as they return to their work situations. An employee may need protection and the company may fail to provide it…thus masks need to be available to all.

Toward that end, Ecohealth has risen to the challenge of providing safe and affordable Filtering Facial Respirator (FFE) masks for people like you and me. As we face the uncertainties of current safety and future disease resurgence, every member of the family deserves personal protection. Whether it becomes your new wardrobe accessory or an item for that day when you really need it, the choice is yours. Check out our Facebook page at: 


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