Summer's Fun, But What Can Be Done?

If you’re like me, everyone in your house is going a little bit STIR CRAZY! It’s difficult to be isolated in your own home, hardly ever able to go out or get together with friends. There are rumors that more locations will be opening up soon, but that doesn’t mean that those places are safe. As summer hits, where is it safe to go? According to an article from National Public Radio, there are several summer activities you won’t have to skip this season… as long as the following precautions are taken.

Bring on the barbecue! Meeting with one other family in a backyard or at a park is fairly low-risk, as long as both families have been properly quarantined. Still, make sure you stay at least six feet away from friends who haven’t been living with you during the quarantine. Also, it’s best if you bring your own food and utensils, to avoid having to touch shared surfaces like plates and cups. I think I hear a grill calling my name...

Good news: It’s time to break out those swimsuits! Spending the day at a beach, lake, or pool is not a high-risk activity. The coronavirus can’t spread well through water, and it dies quickly in open, outdoor areas. As long as you stay six feet apart, hitting the water is a totally radical idea, bruh! 

Looking for a get-away? Dr. William Miller is an epidemiologist at Ohio State University, and he says that a vacation home is a pretty safe bet. For the most part, it keeps you away from people. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces after entering the house.

Still worried about staying in a vacation house? Try a camping trip! Ideally, you should only be going with the people living in your household, and you shouldn’t go to a community campsite. This ensures that you aren’t using the same bathrooms, picnic tables, etc. It is also possible for you to go with friends who don’t live with you; just make sure that they’ve been properly quarantined before you start roasting marshmallows together.

All in all, any activity that can be done outdoors and six feet apart from other participants is not going to be too dangerous. If you have to go indoors for any reason, make sure you are wearing a mask. EcoHealth KC’s masks filter out 95% of virus-sized particles, so they are a great choice. We hope you make EcoHealth KC a part of your 2020 summer plans!