Staying Safe in the Summer

Who doesn’t love the beach? I mean, the endless stretches of sand, the foamy waves, the salty spray… It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, some people may love the beach too much. In the middle of March, no one was really worried about COVID-19, especially not college students. As far as they knew, no one in their age range had gotten seriously ill. They felt invincible. A number of college students went to beaches in Florida over spring break and chose NOT to social distance. These “spring breakers” came from all over the country and returned home after the trip was over, likely taking the virus with them. They not only visited beaches, but also bars and other party hangouts: all places with large crowds.

Then on Memorial Day weekend, huge crowds gathered at bars and pools near Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, again ignoring distancing guidelines. Several people were later diagnosed with the coronavirus, but who knows how many asymptomatic carriers then took the virus back home with them? At that time, the area around the Lake of the Ozarks had reported very few cases. However, many of the lake’s visitors are from larger cities like St. Louis, which had over seven times more cases recorded. (Camden County, which is where the lake is located, now has more cases than the city of St. Louis and its county!)

All that to be said, there is nothing inherently wrong with visiting a beach or lake. In fact, when properly done, the waterfront is a relatively safe vacation spot. The coronavirus doesn’t travel through water, and it quickly dies in the heat. However, the trouble comes when people don’t practice social distancing while at the water’s edge (or anywhere else they visit while traveling). Crowded beaches, bars, and other packed locations should be avoided. If you’re unsure about whether or not your activity is safe, please read this list of quarantine guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At Ecohealth KC, we want to provide you with all the information and equipment you need to stay safe and have fun this summer. This is why we have set up a blog to help you stay informed, and it’s why we are selling hand sanitizer and KN95 masks to protect you from COVID-19. Together, we can protect you and your loved ones; whether it’s at the beach, the lake, the store, or even your own backyard.