Science Sighting: HOCl

Cue the disco music; it’s time to get NERDY! At EcoHealth KC, we want to provide you with high-quality products AND high-quality information. On our website, there’s a scientific term that gets thrown around a lot, and it can be a bit confusing for anyone who doesn’t understand what it means. I’m talking about HOCl.

HOCl is the scientific formula for “Hydrogen, Oxygen, Chlorine”: otherwise known as “hypochlorous acid”. Don’t worry, it is not the kind of acid that can break through floors or burn skin. HOCl is very gentle, even less acidic than vinegar or lemon juice. It’s safe to use on anyone: kids, adults, sensitive skin, etc. The scientific principles of hypochlorous acid were discovered in the late 1800s. This technology involves running electricity through salt water. In the 1980s, this process became more efficient to give us the HOCl we know and love today.

Do you know where else HOCl can be found? Inside the HUMAN BODY! That’s right, hypochlorous acid is completely natural! It’s produced by the white blood cells in the bodies of mammals. White blood cells fight infections, and HOCl is part of this process. Plus, HOCl is made from the same elements as salt and water: SUPER simple!

At EcoHealth KC, we have partnered with a local Kansas City company to provide excellent hand sanitizer that contains HOCl. This hand sanitizer is made from all-natural ingredients. However, it kills 99.9% of germs. That’s the same strength as any other hand sanitizer, but without the harmful chemicals. HOCl is a powerful germ-killer, yes, but it is totally safe to use anywhere! It can be used to clean anything from pools to vegetables to little hands. Now that’s worth celebrating!