Offering the Missing Links in the Supply Chain

As Main Street businesses scramble to reopen, they do so implementing rigorous protocols that ensure the safety of employees and customers. Local businesses are jumping at the opportunity. They want that very much…but how? How do they comply with standards of cleanliness when shelves offer no hand gel and little disinfectant? The supply chain mystery leaves us all scratching our noggins. The shutdown and complexities of the American consumer have posed some conundrums, but despite the complexities of the problem, what we really need is a simple disinfectant and hand gel.

A recent FDA briefing described the process for making sanitizer at home, but businesses scrambling to meet new requirements, restock shelves and welcome customers just don’t have time for home chemistry projects. The process is further clouded by the myriad of agencies offering recommendations. Each city, county, state, and national entity has its own recommendations, and they don’t always match. Recent CDC recommendations stressed the implementation of staged levels of protection, but only succeeded in muddying the waters.

We all want an open economy. We all want to safeguard our people. Officials are swamped with constantly changing information and are just as overwhelmed as local businesses. Everyone is trying to figure out what is expected of them. Everyone is challenged and everyone means well, but at the dawn of this new day, what we need is a simple solution.

To that end, Ecohealth is partnering with a local business to supply cleansing supplies to facilitate the implementation of all recommended protocols. Businesses (and of course, the general public) can order products directly with immediate order fulfillment and drop shipping.

Yes, leave it to American ingenuity to step in and save the day. If you’ve been to local stores in search of wipes or gel, you know it’s hit and miss, mostly miss. Products fly off the shelves and suppliers for local businesses have been shaking their heads: “Yes, we know you want to open; no, we have no sanitizer today.” What to do?

American Shaman looked at the manufacturing requirements and engineered a process involving the electrolysis of water to design products meeting our current needs. Those who are familiar with their label know they employ rigorous production standards in all they do. As a departure from their usual CBD supply, they have willingly stepped into the breach to provide an economical and independent label for cleansing products with local businesses in mind.

While the KC metro area has been less hard-hit than viral epicenters in New York, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, and LA, we nevertheless operate with an awareness of that good fortune uppermost in our minds. Let’s keep it that way! Appropriate mask usage and vigorous handwashing have become the hallmarks of prevention. It is our promise to you: We will do what we can, all we can to keep your loved ones safe and virus free. As the American people find avenues of shared values, we will implement old techniques in new ways and rise above the current viral threat.

We believe optimism, ingenuity, and flexibility are the hallmark of American success, and we applaud American Shaman for their willingness to be creative in the face of current demands. If your business requires a cleansing wash, disinfectant, and a no-rinse hand gel, check out our website and let us help you!

We are all in this together.

We would like to congratulate the first 10 winners of a free mask:

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