Loving Everyday Heroes

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a common question that people have been asked since elementary school. While it’s good to have a career in mind, perhaps an even more important question for youngsters (and the rest of us!) is “Who do you want to be like?” For some, it’s a parent or teacher, a pastor or other community leader. We have all met those people who make us stop and think. They’re inspiring, insightful, and helpful. These are our “everyday heroes”.

All around us, there are incredible people at work who don’t get a lot of spotlight. They aren’t on TV, they don’t have intense social media presences, and they may not even be noticed except by a few friends and neighbors. That’s why Ecohealth KC is partnering with Martial Thevenot and the South Side Saint Joseph Rotary Club to “love our everyday heroes”. Together, we are providing care packages for the wonderful people in our cities who work tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe. Ecohealth KC is not only donating masks and hand sanitizer to the project. We are also participating in a fundraiser to help supply even more funds and products. Check out their GoFundMe for more information or to donate. It’s all part of our mission to “support our habit of caring for people”. To everyone who serves our community, Ecohealth KC would like to thank you, our “everyday heroes”. And to our readers, Ecohealth KC wants to thank you for being a part of this incredible project and enabling us to empower the people we love most, to support our habit of caring for people. We couldn’t do it without you.