Kansas City, Rev Up Your Motors!

When we think of speed, we think of race cars reaching ninety in nothing flat, right? But Velocity Lee’s Summit is about another kind of speed. How many times have you said, “We ought to….what, bottle this, make that…we’d make a million!?” If you are like most of us, you’ve said that, oh, about a hundred times. The difference between us and the entrepreneurs in our midst is one of action.

That’s right. They see a need. It sparks an idea. They pick up the phone and make it happen. Never has the ingenuity and creativity of agile minds been more necessary. To that end, Velocity Lee’s Summit is bringing together nine Kansas City entrepreneurs who have risen to the challenge, determined to offer us the best in innovative solutions. We’ve won a World Series, we’ve won a Super Bowl…why not local boys leading the pack in product development?

These are companies who took a sharp right turn when the pandemic raised its ugly head. Each of the speakers are entrepreneurs who were making other products, but pivoted to meet a community need. They stepped out of their comfort zones, put up a wad of cash, and said, “Why not?”

Ecohealth KC is honored to be one of those companies. Tim Truesdale, who will be representing us, is known for his upbeat and optimistic personality. When he saw the desperate need for masks, he found a way to make it happen. Now he’s partnered with another local company to produce disinfectant, cleaning supplies and hand gel for businesses scrambling to reopen. Desperate needs, desperate times, add a little action, and voila! It’s where the magic happens.

How does Velocity Lee’s Summit work? They are hosting a live FB event at 11:30 today. Tune in over your lunch hour. You can participate as each of the companies is given three minutes to pitch what they are doing…and while there is a monetary prize to stimulate production, Ecohealth has pledged any winnings to other worthy causes.

There’s another good reason to tune in: What if you are the next great mind lurking in the shadows? Listening and participating may spur your mind into creative channels as well. Investopedia described several attributes of entrepreneurs. They are visionary, and willing to take a risk. You see, we put up a small amount of money to purchase a product. Entrepreneurs invest their life savings to produce it. Consider them uber-committed. You may be a people person, and that’s right down the alley of most entrepreneurs. They collaborate to get things done. If you are a passionate person, being an entrepreneur is right in your bailiwick. It takes a tremendous amount of oomph to get the ball rolling.

We hope you’ll tune in and participate. We hope you’ll learn more about the process of being an entrepreneur and become one! Now more than ever, our world needs all the light our minds can shower on dismal landscapes, and the great mind our world need…it might be yours!