Isn’t a Mask a Mask? Stop the Spread.

Isn’t a Mask a Mask? Stop the Spread.

Maskdom is full of misinformation. Recommendations from the CDC have vacillated throughout the pandemic. As a result, what you read may have been true at on time or may no longer be considered true at all, and it depends on the date when it was written. A concerned public ended up with a diversity of opinions that runs the gamut between don’t worry, it’s all a hoax and isn’t this cloth mask cute?  It’s time to sift through it the mess and get to the truth.


In the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, protective equipment was reserved for healthcare and frontline workers. When stocks were depleted Americans took to their sewing machines to do their part. The CDC advised the general public to wear a cloth mask, and hundreds of adorable cloth masks were made in homes across the nation. But here’s the thing: cloth masks will not protect you from the coronavirus. It’s a nice idea, but we’ve been sold a bill of goods.

So why wear masks in the first place? The CDC recently recommended Americans wear cloth masks in public since 25% of carriers are asymptomatic for up to fifteen days after acquiring the infection . The problem with this lies in a sense of false security. A recent UNSW clinical trial demonstrated that filtration masks stopped 97% of droplet transmission, while cloth masks stopped 44%. Professor Raina MacIntyre advocated cloth masks because they were inexpensive, not because they were effective.

We’ve all seen pictures of shoppers wearing everything from Halloween masks to plastic bags out in public. More responsible shoppers wore cloth or surgical masks. These made people feel good, but were they any more effective than the Halloween masks? Sadly, no. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), effective personal protective equipment must filter out at least 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, which includes protection against the coronavirus. The Ecohealth KC filtration facial equipment does this. It is suitable for use in the ICU and ER, but its affordability makes it perfect for the general public. Forget bandanas and cute cloth masks if you want protection.

Ecohealth KC believes all concerned people deserve affordable protection, not a false sense of security. As we reopen the economy and the stay at home orders are rescinded, the virus remains a part of the air you breathe. It has not become less virulent. Documented cases will rise as we expose thousands more Americans to the virus and it finds hosts more plentiful. The best way to stop it is to prevent its spread, hence we advocate for effective mask usage.

Notice the word effective. By now we all realize that, simply put, a mask is not a mask if it doesn’t work. If you want protection for you and your family, you need a filtering facial respirator, and while we’re at it, let’s make it affordable, shall we?