All Speed Ahead!

What is that spark that flames its brightest when the world darkens? Some call it hope. Others think of it as a creative genius. Whatever you call it, let us be thankful for its expression.

Amid all the rhetoric, there exists in Kansas City a small band of doers, and this is a celebration of those who talk less and do more. Much more.

The pandemic has brought out all the talkers, hasn’t it? Nowhere is that more evident than in scrolling through your Facebook feed. Anger roils under the surface and people have been blocking and unfriending one another as if this artificial and temporary space of time dictates the values of a lifetime. Sadly, rhetoric abounds. Thank goodness for the doers!

Unsung heroes are popping up to save the day. Frontline workers are receiving the recognition they deserve. The services of essential workers have kept the country afloat. In the midst of extreme disruption, creative people are rising to the challenge, dreaming up new ways to meet their neighbor’s needs.

Velocity Pitch has selected nine companies who have pivoted from business as usual to dreaming up a helping hand and is giving them a chance to share what’s new. Tomorrow you have the opportunity to learn what’s going on! We invite you to tune in and participate!

Ecohealth KC is one of the nine honored participants, and founder Tim Truesdale is pledging any winnings for the public good. Seeding that money into worthy projects and the personal needs of others is not a new thing for Tim. His participation in Chamber activities in Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Independence, and Blue Springs has earned him recognition in the area of community service. His optimism and cheerful disposition did more to garner the title, Tim the Light Guy than his work in the field of lighting. Tim is an excellent representative of the creative spirit of Kansas City.

New to the products of Ecohealth KC? The company began with face filtering masks to meet the public need. Current shortages of essential items to reopen stores ignited a frenzy to meet that need as well. Ecohealth KC has risen to the challenge of partnering with another local company to produce hand gel, disinfectant, and cleaning solutions for area businesses. This is a small, privately owned business that focuses on collaboration with others and loves sharing the spotlight. Their presence on the Velocity panel is both an honor and an honor to live up to, one Tim Truesdale understands.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to tune in and see what’s going on in KC! Set your phones to ping for the 11:30 am start and take part. Shed the negativity and find the positive. By listening in and participating, you become a beacon of light rather than a harbinger of doom. Good things are happening, and you get a ringside seat.