A Simple Sanitizer

When I was in the sixth grade, my best friend was OBSESSED with hand sanitizer. She had almost every scent of hand sanitizer I could imagine… and even some I couldn’t. But I’m not in the sixth grade anymore, and we need something stronger than those tiny hand sanitizers that smell good and maybe clean something while they’re at it. That’s why EcoHealth KC is partnering with a local, Kansas City-based company to bring quality hand sanitizers that work wonderfully for hospitals or for the general public.

Their Cleansing Gel is available on the EcoHealth KC website, and it contains a special ingredient called HOCl. HOCl, also known as hypochlorous acid, is a natural ingredient formed from three elements: hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. In other formations, these elements can be found as salt and water. Yes, it’s that simple. And their cleansing gel can clean anything, anywhere from hospital rooms to your hands. We’ve come a long way from my twelve-year-old friend’s hand sanitizer collection. After all, your health and safety is no child’s play.