A Different Kind of Superhero

Whack! Bam! Pow! When I was eight years old, my brother and I loved to watch old Batman shows. In every episode, Batman and Robin had to team up to fight villains that were threatening the people of Gotham City. This is somewhat similar to the ways your immune system fights crime- er, disease. Whenever something enters the body that doesn’t belong (known as antigens), white blood cells try to kick the bad guy out, like Batman and Robin defeating the Joker, Riddler, or Penguin. 

We all know that Batman and Robin can only fight the villains that are actually present. Likewise, our immune systems aren’t able to fight disease if the pathogens haven’t entered the body. If we could keep the pathogens from ever entering our bodies, we wouldn’t get sick from them. But this poses the question: How do we keep these not-so-super villains out? At EcoHealth KC, we provide masks that filter out 95% of virus-sized particles. Our KN95 masks filter out the majority of virus particles, including COVID-19. We hope that you consider purchasing our KN95s and join us in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Because when you protect yourself and the people around you, you’re acting like a superhero, too.